what would you attempt if you knew you would not fail?

the other day i discovered this question printed on the inside of my (mmm delish) dove chocolate candy wrapper, and it got me thinking.  so many things are not achieved for fear of failure.

of course i'm guilty of letting fear get the best of me at times.  so in this new year, i resolve to be more courageous.  our own will is an amazing thing.  and i'm quite confident that something on my bucket list will get accomplished...

brush up on my french
learn italian, and spanish
live and work abroad for a year
maintain a travel/photography blog
design my own line of clothing, shoes and accessories
travel the world, and blog about it, on the small fortune i've earned from my clothing line, of course
pursue my MFA in photography (preferably at a top university where I would have the opportunity to work alongside revered contemporaries)
complete a second masters degree in art history
curate an exhibition of historically indelible photographs at the Whitney or MOMA, either would suffice
submit an exhibition proposal of my photography to a local art gallery
open up a small shop/gallery where i could make and sell my art
...and the list goes on...

so, what would you attempt if you knew you would not fail?


Colleen said...

what an inspiring post !


steven said...

If I could not fail, I'd play the powerball...