After the assassination of MLK Jr. in 1968 riots and havoc broke out in D.C.  In April of that year, much of H Street NE, once a thriving District neighborhood, fell to the chaos, property damage, and crime plaguing the area.

It seems the H Street Corridor has been evolving for some time.  Since 2002 the D.C. Main Streets Program has ushered in a renaissance of sorts.  One of the most historic neighborhoods in D.C., the resurgence of longstanding and new businesses has in turn attracted more arts and entertainment-savvy folks to the revamped Atlas District.

And from what I've seen at places like Rock N Roll Hotel, Sova, and H Street Country Club, acoustic bluegrass, polaroid pictures and skeeball are also making a comeback.  For What It's Worth:  There's Something Happening Here...

A true gem:  Sova, H Street, The Polaroid Show 

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