its been a long time coming

thank you Other People's Pixels for making my life SO MUCH EASIER.

after weeks and weeks of sorting, editing and batch renames:  finally a functional website!



Google Art Project

yet another remarkable example of the ever-changing scope of technology:

what a marvelous tool for learning about art and the museums that house the greatest pieces of all time.  many of them, places the majority of the world might never be able to visit. although, at the other end of the spectrum, isn't this just one more reason to get sucked into the internet all day?  less experience of the real, tangible world?

love it and hate it.

although i'm divided on this, it does in fact inspire me to consider a career change.  looks like i could snap photos all day, see the master works i've studied for years, visit the most historic museums of the world (not to mention, see The World) and get paid for it.  i just might be able to live with riding one of those little google bike/carts around all day.

WANTED:  job as a google photographer.