happy holidays: 2010 style

This year, I decided to go a different route and email my friends and family my christmas cards.  I usually create my cards using some of my own photography, so many of my loved ones have come to expect these little gems as a mini original work of art in itself.  And although I do enjoy sending and receiving these little one-of-a-kinds each year, sending my cards via email (and Facebook) seemed the green, and money saving thing to do.

The dilemma: I'm undecided whether or not these e-greetings lose a little something in the spirit of Christmas....In an age of often seemingly overwhelming technology and visual media, is an e-Christmas card the LAST thing you want to receive?

Albeit, I've decided to send anyway for sake of saving on a few things.....plus I'm sending them today (2 days before Cmas).  Maybe e-cards are the way to go for us procrastinators.  

So I will be sending larger image files of my Cmas cards for many to enjoy.  This year, family and friends can download, post, print and continue to share the imagery instead of tossing that expensive high quality inkjet photo paper, not to mention my blood sweat and tears, into the trash among the balled up wrapping paper and holiday debris.  After all, its like giving the gift that keeps on giving...right?

Happy Holidays!